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The title of this blog comes from a play on words that "now here" is also the same letters as "nowhere" just with a space added in the middle. I am always trying to get better at being in the here and now, and I've always been a bit of a joker so that is why I chose this name.

Monday, May 31, 2010

into japan

well, I was sad to leave korea, but I have to say that being in Japan is different but nice. It's a lot more expensive for sure but I think it's going to be a very fun time.

I took a beetle ferry over from Busan to Fukouka, it's a jetfoil ride and cruises along the sea very fast but smooth. Upon landing and going through imigration I was brought into a special room and had all my stuff searched for a good 30-45 minutes. It was definitely annoying in the time wasting way but I made the most out of it and tried to not let it bother me. I think by the end the custom guys sort of liked me, what do you think?

I then hopped on a 4 hour bus ride to Hiroshima. after first getting a room for the night in Hiroshima I did a quick google to find the best ramen in the city and discovered a spot highly recommended. Ga Ba ramen.
It's my first ramen in Japan and OMG!!!! it was perfect.

clearly i liked it... :)

I can't wait to try more and more ramen shops as I visit different area's of the country.

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