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The title of this blog comes from a play on words that "now here" is also the same letters as "nowhere" just with a space added in the middle. I am always trying to get better at being in the here and now, and I've always been a bit of a joker so that is why I chose this name.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

ADR and the terrible no good horrible day

I don't know about you but when I think about Okinowa I think about beaches and beaches and sun and beaches. I don't think about a second world type city with beaches that are incredibly hard to get to because the public transportation in the main city is not easy or thorough. I learned these realities the last few days. I came to Okinowa to have a week of fun in the sun on beaches, nature and to see the aquarium that is so well regarded. Unfortunately these do not look to be so easy to do. First off it's been raining, grey and humid. Secondly transportation is no bueno. If you can drive, the city is easy to leave. If you don't have an international drivers license then you can't get a car. if you can't get a car you can't really go anywhere. I went to the bus station today to catch what i read was an hour bus ride to the aquarium. when i got there i was told that it's actually closer to 2.5 hours by bus with various transfers and that at 12pm that afternoon I'd be too late to make it there or back or something.. I couldn't really understand as I'm lucky if people speak even basic english here. I left the station, sat down, and cried. Really, I cried. In public. On the steps. I didn't even care. it was needed for a while. It was one of those experiences of setting your hopes for something and seeing them crumble. I don't think sitting on a beach, surfing or just swimming in the tropical water and seeing a famous aquarium on an island of a major civilized country should be that difficult to do, but apparently they are and I have to deal with the possibility of not doing them. But it's also being stuck in a random hostel by yourself in a not exciting part of town. There is almost nothing to do here. the other guests just sit on their computers all day doing god knows what. I can rent a bike and make myself go for little loops but there isn't too far that you can go and not too much you can do. But as previously covered it's also the alone part. There are some days when traveling alone is great. Then there are days like today when you just want to talk in person with someone. that you just want to relate. and it's more than talking. you want to talk and be with someone familiar because nothing else here is. you are a stranger in a foreign land. you feel foreign to the daily life around you. but then you need to remember a few things. the first is, So what? who cares? no one besides you cares. the second thing to remember is that this day sucks and you have no control and may be miserable for a week, but.. and here is the big but... you'e in Okinawa. so it's not what you hoped for, who cares. you now know. and... you're in okinowa. I mean really.. right?? so i cried and then I smiled. I let go a bit, and letting go always helps. and then I went back to the hostel and did nothing. as there is nothing to do. so i went on another bike loop and i got some ice cream and the ice cream looked great. it was called blue wave and was blue and white swirls and reminded me of this ice cream i ate all the time in college (that on a side not always gave me green poop. i loved that ice cream) and i took my first lick of the ice cream and it was fruit flavored and i wanted sweet. GRRRR. and i thought, well this day just sucks. but again... if my day sucks by ending with a bad ice cream flavor, then it really isn't too bad. Sure the city is still sucking my cash somehow but I'll be ok. I also found out how to get an international drivers license, of course for me to rush deliver it here it would still come after I've left.... sigh. some days you can't win. So I look to you, tomorrow, to brighten my day.

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