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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City

They don't call this city forbidden for nothing. The first time I went, they wouldn't let me in. This may have been do to me being an American or maybe because it closes at 4 and I got there at 4:30. Regardless, not to be deterred I went back a few days later to see the famous former palace. For those unaware, this place is massive. I think I walked around for near 3 hours and there was still things I did not see.

This is one of the south gates of Tiananmen Square. directly behind me is the Maosoleum, the mausoleum of Chairman Mao.

View from the square looking at the forbidden city and the famous flag on the square (which is a great spot to meet people at)

Inside the Forbidden City!

One of the two gate dragons. this is the male one and it means he who controls the people controls the city. The female one means he who controls the city controls the world. or something like that..

This is only the second Hall as you enter the Palace. More to come...

Giant copper and bronze cauldrons

See, it just keeps on going... and going...

A giant stone carving. This is either the largest in the palace or the largest in china/world. Sadly, I forget most of what I read in these places as I just get overloaded with info.

Inside one of the hall thrones. They all start to fade together after a while.

I thought this place looked really impressive.

Dragon on the ceiling in a prayer spot.

They have pomegranate trees in the city. I really wanted to take one, but a) was scared I may go to chinese jail and b) they weren't ripe.

Let's hear it for the chairman of the Board!!

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