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Friday, September 17, 2010

Terra Cotta Warriors

The main reason I voyaged to Xi'an was to see the Terra Cotta Warriors. Considered to be an 8th Wonder of the World, clearly this deserved a visit to.
If you're not familair with the Terra Cotta Army then check the wiki page.
There are 3 "pits" where soldiers have been discovered at that you can visit. A 4th pit has been recently found but not open to the public yet.
All in all the tour is sort of anti-climatic. You see a bunch of soldiers which is nice and neat and all but there isn't much excitement. Also, my tour guide kept picking on me because she said she could remember my name. She kept asking me to answer the questions based on what she just said, but I couldn't understand her through her heavy mandarin accent. Alas, it made me less excited to be there. Note to all tour guides, don't just pick on one guy, no matter how handsome and suave he is or how red his beard is. :)

Pit 2. still being worked on. You can see broken warriors and horses
crumbled warriors in the pit
An Archer, fully reconstructed
Calvary man and his stead
Calvary man and his stead from the side.
a general. you know this because he has a belly (or so we were told, over and over)
infantry man
the "magic" archer. thus called this as he was the only one that was fully intact. He also still had some original coloring still on him as you can see here.
magic archer from the front
horses guarding the front door in pit 3
closer up of the horses
warriors, some minus heads, some minus hands.
warriors in pit 3
Pit 1, the main pit. More warriors were found here.
Pit 1 where work is being done. they cover up the work during the day so flash and light won't harm them. then at night the work is done.
lines of the terra cotta army
The front brigade.
from the front center
front center but different view

you can't touch them, but I still decided to squish this ones head.

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