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Monday, September 13, 2010

Summer Palace and Hutong Tour

On my last saturday in BJ I went on a tour with Cindy. Cindy is a friend of my host Andrew. She grew up in Haerbin but has lived in BJ for some time. She actually never had been to the Summer Palace before so I thought where better to visit. I have to say, traveling with a native speaker is much easier than not. After the palace she took me to the hutongs in the Dongcheng section of town.

Lily pads in Lake Kumming

my generous host, Cindy, being surprised by a photo. I said I'd delete it, whoops :)

The summer palace and lake kumming

Lake kumming. the summer palace photo before this is taken to the right of this shot.

Lily pads in bloom

The island in the middle of lake kumming.

The long corridor.
read about it here

The famed marble boat.
read about it here

I forget the history and name of this bridge. I just sort of like how it had this massive arch in it.

summer palace from the other side of kumming lake.

Our rickshaw driver in the Dongcheng hutongs.

tight fit

a very old building in the Dongcheng hutong.

The more commercialized hutong streets. They've turned the streets into trendy restaurant, bars and clothing stores. Also, they have tones of chinese "crap" stores. these are the stores that sell random cheaply made Chinese souvenir and junk stuff.

Beijings Drum tower

Beijings bell tower.

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