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Monday, September 13, 2010

Temple of Heaven

Another big tourist spot in Beijing is the Temple of Heaven. The temple itself is a beautiful structure surrounded by some rather large and ceremonious halls. Outside of the temple is a massive park area. Inside you'll find people practicing tai chi, playing card games, mahjong, kite flying, or just hanging out. The entire park area has much to see and do inside of it. If I lived in BJ I could see spending a weekend day here just chilling out.

Temple of Heaven

Inside the temple doors

A shot of the temple's roof. It's vaulted beams are highly spoken in regard of for the construction method in relation to when it was made.

different view of the temple with the three carved stones going up the stairs.

viewing the temple from the outside, outside gates.

The Imperial Vault of Heaven.

Trees going on for ages. part of the park layout here.

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