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The title of this blog comes from a play on words that "now here" is also the same letters as "nowhere" just with a space added in the middle. I am always trying to get better at being in the here and now, and I've always been a bit of a joker so that is why I chose this name.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Giving Alms - Luang Prabang

One of the most enjoyable things one can do in Luang Prabang is giving alms. The downside of this is it involves waking up at 5am to await the sunrise at which the monks come out on the streets to accept their food offerings for the day. There is something really rewarding you feel in the action of doing this. Though looking at the pictures I do Feel a sense of how out of place I may look, but honestly I don't think the monks care who gives them food as long as they receive it from someone. There were some annoyances surrounding this though. For one the ladies who sell the rice you give to the monks had marked the price up 500%. Here the tourists awake way the fuck early to support the towns community and people still want to make money on this. Another annoyance is the travelers who are taking pictures, flash and all, right in the monks face. Can you imagine if you were in a cafe line getting food as you slid your tray down the aisle and every three second someone was taking your picture. Completely disrespectful. Alas, this is travel life. I really enjoyed doing this, though waking up at 5 may not be something I do to regularly. :)

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