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The title of this blog comes from a play on words that "now here" is also the same letters as "nowhere" just with a space added in the middle. I am always trying to get better at being in the here and now, and I've always been a bit of a joker so that is why I chose this name.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day two.. and miles to go before we sleep..

Sadly, I was not able to write everyday of the trip as either internet or time was sparse. Plus, i'd rather be with Jill than writing on my laptop.

some highlights include

a snow/sleet storm. It was so intense i felt like we were driving through hyperspace in star wars where blackness and whitelines are all around us.
a snow/dust storm. where huge tumbleweeds were flying all around us. metal sides of houses were flapping uncontrollably. but we pressed on through it.
Driving on crazy "s" turns and switch-backs at 70-80 mph in pitch black night. no one on the road, just elk staring at you from the side of the road. and you're hauling it to get to the next town, cause you're tired and just want to find a bed and bathroom.

plans to make it to Albuquerque don't happen. We realize it doesn't make sense to go that north to have to drive more the next day to get to marfa. so a new route is made. I only wanted to go to Albuquerque because I like the way the name looks. End up in silver city at around 12 or 1 am. Not really sure as time is different here (both in a existential way and timezone way). Arizona has one time, New Mexico a different. Texas a third and California a fourth. Who knows the date or time anymore? All we know is that the Drifter Motel is open and that's all we need to know for now.

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