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Monday, October 11, 2010

Train to a Boat to a Train

I left Guangzhou to go to Haikou, the capital city of the province of Hainan. Hainan is the island just below mainland China and it's known as "China's Hawaii" (and no, I'm not joking.) Haikou is far from Hawaii living, more of a slightly less developed part of China with more palm trees and tropical weather. Though there are parts of the island that are lush and green, the cities and town that I visited all have the feel of a 2nd world country. But this post isn't about my thoughts of Hainan, rather about the interesting experience of taking a train to an island. How does one take a train over water? Well, by boat silly. :)

China's engineers came up with the idea to load the train from port to boat with a pretty impressive system. It ran pretty smoothly and I'm somewhat surprised more countries don't use systems like this.

The trains already been loaded and now we're cruising on the sea in a train on a boat.

We've landed on the other side, now the worker will unhook the chain that keeps the train cars locked in.

unlocking us.

On the boat we were locked in and no AC. The car got hot, showing it as 31.5C here. I had a slight fever before the ride so I was either cold sweating or regular sweating the whole ride. Fun times!!!

Lining up the dock on land and our boats connecting point.

We've arrived and they're raising up our on boat dock.

almost locked in.

we're golden.

now comes the train cares to pull us off. There are two as our 8 car train was split into 2 rows of 4 for this marvelous task.

They connect in to us and start to pull us off the boat. After this there is some back and forth movement until the back four cars are connected again to the front four.

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