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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Michelin Dining In Hong Kong - Eating at Tim Ho Wan

Searching the local couchsurfing page for Hong Kong I saw a post about doing Dim Sum at Tim Ho Wan. Apparently it's the cheapest michelin starred restaurant in the world. Tim Ho Wan, meaning "Add Good Luck", was created by the once chef of the Hong Kong Four Seasons Hotel (a three starred restaurant) Mak Pui Gor. Not wanting to miss the chance to eat at not just a good dim sum place but also a michelin starred restaurant, I signed aboard with a group to go and I can say me and my stomach are very happy that I did!

The restaurant opens at 10am so we decided to get there around that time. Luckily Jessie (an ABC from Baton Rouge visiting HK) got there a bit early. They fill the restaurant and then give numbers out to the others in line. We were #1, so had a 45 minute wait to get in.

Our order ticket. The restaurant is too small for carts so you fill out ahead of time what you want. It's sort of nice as the food is ready pretty quickly once you sit down.

Tim Ho Wan is known for it's crispy char siu bao (roast bork puns). A bit different than the usual steamed soft fluffy bao i usually get but very tasty. the sugared top is what adds to the crispiness and really compliments the meat flavor.

a few variations of the delicious wide rice noodles, some dumplings, and chickens feet. Usually I can't stand chickens feet, but this really changed my taste for them. For the first time I can say that I liked eating this dish.

Added in was some turnip cake (my favorite!), meatballs and spareribs in blackbean sauce.

What's happening in the kitchen?

A delicious meal, fun experience and my first michelin star restaurant. Not bad for a few hours time on a monday morning.

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