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The title of this blog comes from a play on words that "now here" is also the same letters as "nowhere" just with a space added in the middle. I am always trying to get better at being in the here and now, and I've always been a bit of a joker so that is why I chose this name.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My time in Sanya

I headed to Sanya for three reasons. The first, to go surfing. The second, to relax on the beach in the sun when not surfing. The third to eat a shit load of fresh tropical fruits. Mission accomplished. Though I didn't get to surf much as the previous few days typhoon had brought in swell upcoming to it, after I got there the swell was pretty much all but gone. Bummer. I did manage to get a lovely sunburn after about only 20 min in the sun though, another mission accomplished. And it was nearly impossible to not find luscious beautiful tropical fruit, it was very where. I ate a ton of mangosteens, rambutans, star fruits, and some of the best tasting mangoes I've ever had.

At my hostel I met a great swedish couple, Tanya and Alex, and ended up spending most of my time with them. A week later we'd meet up again in HK. It is nice to travel alone sometimes, but it's also really great when you meet people you get along with from the get-go and can travel a bit with them.

Most of the pictures below are from an outing to Tianya Haijiao (End of the Earth and the Corner of the Sea) China's south-most point of land area. Some of the rocks here are very famous to Chinese people. Tanja took all those photos which is why you'll see more of the hero of this blog in them.

My second night in town I went out with some of the people from the surf club for dinner. It was a local spot that you had to take a boat to get to. The restaurant was a fishing village boat and you'd eat in the middle of the sea on the boat. It was seafood hotpot and they kept bringing out all this fish,crabs, shrimp and squid. the hotpot broth was pretty bland though so for me the experience was fun but the food was weak.

Our table at the end of the meal. Keep in mind there was around 10-12 of us.

A picture from the beach at Sanya.

Dinner at a local dirty dive spot that was pretty delicious. You can see how I got a little sun that day, good old pink face.

Same dinner, but Tanja is showing us from a different view.

Fresh seafood. The eel looks pretty happy there, little does he know where he soon will be going.

A "famous" tree at Tianya Haijiao as it's bent but still growing to the sky.

The Rocks of Sun and Moon (日月石) are two boulders near hundreds of other uniquely shaped rocks. Here the "Sun" refers to "husband" and the "Moon" refers to "wife". Looking from the distance, they resemble a couple entwined to each other but they are in fact separate rock.

Alex and I in serious discussion over seashells

I liked how the wave looked here, about to crash

boats and adventurers

Silke is eating a banana, and me a rambutan.

and i am making a silly face with part of the rambutan in my teeth. classic rosenstock.

chucking rocks at a coconuts in hope that one will fall for us to drink.

Southern Heaven Rock, so famous that it's actually on the 2 Yuan bill.

more famous rocks

The sanya local people have a different type of straw hat. there shape i find a bit more pretty than the typical cone/pyramid shape.

wow, another famous rock!

street lady making roujiamo, not as tasty as the lamb ones in Xi'an. Basically spicy pepper and pig fat sandwhich here.

But i really liked the roujiamo lady. she was so friendly. I always said hi to her when I walked by and I think she liked that. Tanja told me that she said hi to them after I was gone too. so sweet.

hard at work

Sanya's dragon bridge

that's me with the hand up in the back right. Hi!!

I like this shot Tanja took of the bridge and water.

kids going rollerskating.

this kid is so cute in her helmet and drinking her milk.

movie time! we went to see a movie in Sanya. We were told this one had english subtitles and it didn't. Luckily they had another movie that did. Unfortunately, the other movie wasn't in the super lush and comfy theatre that you see here.

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