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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hue Cooking Class

While in Hue, I decided to cake a cooking class. I love most Hue foods and always love learning more about cooking in general. I found two places that did a course. One cost around $80usd, one cost about $15usd. I went with the cheaper one as I'm on a pretty tight budget. I had a blast and since then I've been using some of the knowledge learned there to cook or prepare foods along the way.

Going to the market to buy some fresh ingredients. Shrimp here.

I love going to the markets in Vietnam. I buy delicious and fresh produce from the liveliest of characters.

and sometimes fresh meat.

my stage for cooking.

the spring roll insides, all mixed up.

My teacher, Huy, frying up the spring rolls.

hello tastiness. Fresh and fried spring rolls and vietnamese fish sauce.

preparing the batter for the banh khoai, a crepe like pancake filled with fresh herbs, sprouts, pork and shrimp.

Adam and Kaja trying the final product.

batter cooking...

cooking the ingredients inside.

Bun Bo (or outside of Hue, Bun Bo Hue). As a lover of soup, I look forward to making more of this.

After class I went back to the house of my teacher, Huy, and met her family (mom and me in picture here). After leaving, there happened to be a wedding happening down the street which I sort of crashed. I peeked my head in and was immediately invited to come in and then had beer poured down my throat. I should go to more vietnamese weddings :)

playing a vietnamese card game with Huy's family, for money of course since it is Vietnam.

After the owner of the hotel I was staying at found out I took a cooking class i was basically ordered to cook for her and some of the other staff. She bought the ingredients and together we had some fun making spring rolls.

roll it up.

Final product. Verdict: Delicious

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  1. i can't wait for you to come visit and to cook for me!