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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sichuan Opera

My hostel offered a trip to see a sichuan opera and I thought that I could use some cultural things in my life again. It was a really good time. The night consisted of music and then a singing dancing epic story, then female dancers. Following this was a soup comedy act that was really funny, even if we didn't understand the words being said. Next came a dancing puppet act that when you broke down all the lady was doing was very impressive. Then an amazing shadow puppet act. And lastly was a costume changing and fire show. 4 of us went from the hostel and there was not one complaint, we all really had a nice night here.

The band plays some traditional Sichuan music

I forget the exact storyline from here but the dance routine was nice

same goes for this

ladies dancing

the peacock quill feather thing was used in the act which was different to see.

the soup comedy act. This guy was talented and very funny.

I feel like even just looking at this picture you have to laugh.

the dancing puppet act

not sure how she managed to do all that she did. notice how both hands of the puppet are being used here.

shadow puppet: cat

shadow puppet: duck

shadow puppet: geese

shadow puppet: owl

shadow puppet: bird

shadow puppet: rabbit about to be eaten by wolf

shadow puppet: two guys, one smoking a cigarette. impressive, no?

part of the changing mask and fire show


his mask is red here. in a second it changes to blue and we're still not fully sure how he did it.

fired act, notice on the right one of the dancers is a puppet. she blows fire at one point too.

No, thank you!

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