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The title of this blog comes from a play on words that "now here" is also the same letters as "nowhere" just with a space added in the middle. I am always trying to get better at being in the here and now, and I've always been a bit of a joker so that is why I chose this name.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

PotD - Breakfast sandwich

Most mornings I end up getting a sandwich for my breakfast. I find it's too hot for porridge or soup, as I don't feel like sweating at 8 in the morning. To buy eggs or cereal would be more expensive than I'd like to admit I can afford at the moment and the breakfast sandwich is filling and quite delicious. There is something quite enjoyable to me about having a nice soft baguette in the morning. Add in the yummy goodness inside of it and you have a great way to start the day. The lady pictured here is, IMO, the best breakfast sandwich in town. The problem is that the cart sells out early. I've gone some days at 8am and they are all sold out. See, I'm not the only one who really likes it but most of the locals do as well so you need to get there early. Don't worry, I have backup sandwich makers but it's this one I really enjoy best. The Lao sandwich is a bit different than the vietnamese style. Bigger bread with some different sauces and even fillings. There are days I'd love a vietnamese banh mi with pickles and pate. But most days here I am satisfied with what I can get.

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