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Friday, June 24, 2011

Hmong Ceremony part 2 - Shamanism

A week or so ago I was fortunate to be able to attend a Hmong Ceremony where a friend was having her spirits cleansed. The night would involve watching a shaman do his thing, slaughtering a pig, hanging out with a Hmong family and cooking said pig. It was an amazing cultural experience and I left feeling so blessed that I live the life that I life. (this feeling lasted even when I got to my bike to find my helmet and tools stolen).

The pig, still living, has a rope tied around him

The shaman then ties the rope around the participant. this is to get the bad spirits out of their body and into the pigs. thus a bridge for them to cross is created.

after being tied together the shaman says some chants and has some sort of water in this bowl which is then thrown around in various spots

he then rolls two cow horn type things

after rolling the horns on both sides more of the paper is burned

the paper has words written from the participant and I am guessing have to do with what may need cleansing. so burning them is symbolic of ridding these bad demons from our lives.

we ready for the pig to be killed. the bad demons have now been transferred to him so it's death will rid the world of these demons.

cutting into it's neck and bleeding it

blood is flowing

i asked if i could drink the blood but never got a full answer. hmmm

even though it's lost a lot of blood the pig is still very forceful and jerks a lot. I helped to hold it down

it's almost there

now dead. Thanks dear pig for giving your life for us

talking with a friend about how i killed a sheep in mongolia and the difference in the ways. Man, pigs are so much louder and herky jerky.

the hunters pose

don't cry little boy, it will be all right

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