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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tour of a Yao Minority Village

After the rice fields we went to see a village of the Yao people. The Yao people are one of the 55 minority groups of China, mostly they are known for their long hair. The village was tied into our rice fields tour package and though not a highlight of my trip so far, it was fairly nice to visit. Though like most things in China, it was overly dramatized and touristy.

Getting out on our boats to cruise around the village.

Bridge over (non) troubled water

Villagers saying hi and one is showing us her long hair.

ladies do a dance and song for us travelers passing by on the river.

A totem pole of some sort.

A religious altar and tablet.

beautiful and sort of freaky masks. sort of reminded me of the Lama masks of Tibetan Buddhism.

view from the top

A little folk dancing, done with baskets on their backs.

folk dancing sans baskets but with twirling cloth.

This little kid was adorable. His mic wasn't on but he kept running around trying to steal the show.

A view over the land.

You'd walk down the path and there was this bamboo drum stick post where you'd bang each bamboo drum with a stick and make a lot of noise. not sure the point but it was sort of fun.

the girl ahead of me hitting, what seemed like, an endless line of these bamboo drums. It got old quick.

Getting a demonstration of the hair tying that the Yao ladies do. notice on the right there are two batches of hair. When the Yao ladies turn 18 they cut there hair and this is the first batch. The second is that they pick up all their hair that ever falls out and make the bunch from all that hair. pretty nuts

A closer look at the two bunches of hair.

One has been tied in, now the other is being readied to go in.

She grabs the wooden comb and begins the turban wrap.


smoothing it out.

It's all done. Notice the comb has been put into the hair to keep it in place.

True love

That's a mighty big cock.

The bridge and water wheels right before you leave the village.

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