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Monday, November 22, 2010

Lugu Hu

After Dali and Lijiang I headed up to spend a few days at Lugu Lake (Lugu Hu). I had wanted to see the supposed beautiful lake as well as learn a little about the Mosuo people. The Mosuo are one of the last Matriarchal societies (though further research since has somewhat disproved this statement).

The ride itself was around 8 hours in a small bus/van over mountainsides and country and full of bumps. But as traveling in Yunnan and Sichuan will further show, this is all just part of the fun and experience.

One of the long and winding roads we're about to drive down and then pass through the valley below.

scenes from the road

small farming villages, mostly isolated from the "western" world.

quite possibly the mangiest nastiest cat I've ever seen.

A farm we stopped near on the way up. All the older cornstalks piled up for either feeding of animals or some ceremonial offering, not fully sure the reasoning.

traffic jam

we finally arrive to the lake just before sunset. Looks like it will be a beautiful place.

A night out with some locals. Pig roast, singing songs, and drinking horrible tasting liquor.

The next day I embarked on a tour to the island in the middle of the lake.

not a bad looking day at all

Reminded me of the bay area. maybe this is Marin? nope, it's Lugu Hu, China.

seagulls following us in the boats.



the two boats tied up (with a life preserver) and now we have double the rowing strength.

On the top of the island was a buddhist temple. they had these two pet deer there. sorry for the poor shot.

The temple atop Snake Island

Tibetan Buddhist imagery inside the temple.

view from the top of the island

On the row back in i decided to take a nap on the boat. very welcomed rest, indeed

Interesting sea vegetation on the bottom of the lake.

Lugu Hu from a different viewing spot.

A chortan (stupa) and the lake

The chinese on my tour really loved this shot. I think the horse stable in front of the lake was something they found charming.


wetlands and the valley and village around it.

getting your ducks in a row.

Photo shot with a local Musuo girl.

the walking bridge.

a local tibetan buddhist temple

a very cute (and dirty) little lady.

so adorable

Musuo traditional folk dance

Musuo traditional folk dance

Musuo traditional folk dance

Musuo traditional folk dance

me and some ladies.

a harem of musuo ladies and myself.

after dancing was a sing-off sort of thing between the ladies, the men and the guests.

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