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The title of this blog comes from a play on words that "now here" is also the same letters as "nowhere" just with a space added in the middle. I am always trying to get better at being in the here and now, and I've always been a bit of a joker so that is why I chose this name.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

wrap it up... and thanks border patrol!

woke up early to get on out to Buffalo and Niagara. Being held for the night in Erie was not horrible but I had places to go.
I had no problems making it into Canada from the US and was shortly on my way to the falls. After paying a sort of ridiculous amount for short term parking in the official niagara lot I went inside to check it all out and I signed up for the behind the falls tour. a self guided tour that lets you look out from behind the falls as well as go on a special platform to look out from the side on the falls. This tour is probably awesome during the spring/summer, but during the winter the ice is everywhere and you just can't see much. The lower lever view is really nice so in some ways it was worth it, but i think i could have been fine from above. At one point i took my gloves off to take a picture and my hands froze nearly instantly. It was cold there, to say the least.

I then grabbed a few canada gifts for ppl and decided to head back. upon arriving in my sweet country of the USA, a country I had left for two hours (if that) I was immediately reprimanded. Though customs had no real reason to do this, they decided to cowboy up and take me in as i was driving back from canada (oh yeah, i TOTALLY had pot... not) and i didn't have registration for the car so maybe i stole it. (yeah, i stole it when i had a contract with the guys name and dates for delivery) They hassled me for a while and made me wait an hour or so until telling me i was ok to go. um.. duh? I just didn't buy the seriousness of what they were selling. Also, they couldn't believe that I wasn't doing this to make money. That I'd do this to help someone out and have him help me out. what a crazy concept.

I fled to Buffalo to try the original hot wings at duffs. they were fine, but they weren't BLOW ME AWAY different than a lot of places. Next stop, Syracuse!

So, a friend told me to check out Dinosaurs BBQ in Syracuse. the chain has a spot in NYC that I always meant to check out when i lived there so now seemed like a good time to try their food. There was an incredibly long wait, which is bound to happen at popular restaurants, so i just read my book while the servers pushed their ways around everyone. after about an hour i got seated and my waitress was AWESOME. Lil' Jess is the shit. real down to earth and funny girl. she def took good care of me. As for the food well it was good don't get me wrong but after eating up and down the bbq belt i was left a little disappointed. Sure, for syracuse NY this was good bbq, but compared to what i had been eating the prior few days this just did not compare. however, they do make a mean deviled egg.

I left dinner, went to my hotel room. chatted with jill (always a pleasure of the night) and then proceeded to pass out so that i could wake up early and clean the car and organize what i had scattered throughout the car. when that was done, I drove to Brad's (the owner of the car) place and dropped it off with him. He then gave me a ride to the train station where i waited for about 1.5 hours for my train and then bordered for home/needham.

The train ride home was long, about 10 hours. luckily i was able to email and txt with jill who helped make the trip go faster and mare it more enjoyable.

now I'm back at home and trying to figure out the next steps in this little game of life :)

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