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The title of this blog comes from a play on words that "now here" is also the same letters as "nowhere" just with a space added in the middle. I am always trying to get better at being in the here and now, and I've always been a bit of a joker so that is why I chose this name.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

...and I'm off again...

Today I plan to head up north to Phongsali, basically the most north in Laos you can go without being in China. It's a minimum of 20hr bus ride from here to there and this doesn't sound great, especially since it departs at 5:30pm (though I was told that yesterday it left late at 7pm)  Once there I plan to do very little. See local minority tribes, relax, read, maybe walk through villages. Basically be a traveler again.  From there the plan is to take a boat slowly down the Nam Ou (Ou river) stopping in on villages along the way before coming back to Luang Prabang.  A week with no work, nothing to do, no people I know around... sounds great and much needed.

While I am gone I will have limited if any access to internet so please vote for me at this website.
Comments, tweets and likes via the portion just below my essay are welcomed and encouraged.

Many thanks and be back to you interweb people when I come back.

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